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The website will be open for proposal submission from November 2022. Abstract submission deadline will be March 2023. To receive important conference information and updates, ensure you have signed up to receive the conference newsletter.

We can only design and publish a draft programme of all presentations when all presenters purchase their tickets so that their attendance and presentation is confirmed. The draft programme is usually published in June.

However, the conference dates for the upcoming conference are published at the preceding conference giving all those wishing to attend and present plenty of notice that our programme spans across four days and journey and stay should therefore be planned accordingly.

Please always check your inbox, as well as mailbox ‘other’ and spam folders for emails from us.

We continue to work with our web developers to ensure high email deliverability. However, generally speaking, spam filtering has become more rigorous and there are instances when academic institutions’ firewalls are redirecting our emails to spam folders or blocking them altogether.

If you think you may not be receiving conference newsletter emails, we advise you to take the following steps:

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Please remember it is your responsibility to stay informed and meet conference deadlines. We can only act on issues we are notified about, so please do email us if the above information was not helpful.

The official language of the conference is English. All abstracts must be submitted in English and all presentations must be delivered in English.

You may be the main presenter of one individual paper or as part of one self-organised symposia BUT you can be a co-presenter on multiple papers (including other individual papers and papers submitted as part of self-organised symposia, posters and PED-talks). However, bear in mind the more papers you are listed to present / co-present on, the fewer you can attend as a non-presenting delegate and the more difficult it is for us to design the programme to avoid clashes.

Unfortunately not – all presenters must attend the conference and present in person.

We will let delegates know whether their proposal has been accepted (this may include proposals accepted with conditions that will require editing and resubmitting) in May 2023. For more information on other important dates click here. To receive important conference information and updates, ensure you have signed up to receive the conference newsletter.

Yes, all attendees, whether presenting or not, are required to pay the conference fees. If you book by 31st May 2023, you will benefit from Early Bird Booking rates and some applicants may be able to access PhD student discounts or EECERA member discount. Tickets will be on sale (and prices published ) in early April 2023.

The EECERA Board of Trustees launched a bursary fund in order to support early years researchers from the world’s Least Developed Countries (LDCs), as well as those enduring financial/economic hardship, to attend EECERA conference, share their high-quality research and join, develop and enhance existing research networks. This has been at the suggestion of many EECERA members who have raised the issue of colleagues from LDCs and other experiencing hardship who are wholly committed to EECERA but whose institutions are unable or unwilling to fund their attendance. If you would like to contribute to this bursary fund please make a voluntary donation as you buy your ticket(s). All funds will be held by EECERA, independently audited and presented for scrutiny to members at the AGM. We hope through this fund to increase participation and representation, and to hear research voices that might otherwise not be heard.

If you’re a researcher who wishes to present at an upcoming EECERA Conference /have submitted a paper abstract for presentation and wish to apply for a partly funded conference ticket (requests for funding of travel/accommodation will not be considered), then please make your application by emailing us at [email protected].

Please note that only applications from researchers intending to present their work at our upcoming conference who can make a valid case for their funding request (e.g. financial hardship or other adversity arising from a local crisis or a natural disaster, etc.; lack of any funding at national/HE level will be considered. We politely ask that PhD students apply for the subsidised PhD tickets rather than this bursary fund – applicants will not be considered for both.

Any requests are subject to review and are not guaranteed. The funding, if given, may be for a part of the full amount requested.

Early Bird bookings will open in Spring 2023. We will confirm all rates (including membership discounts, early bird bookings and PhD discounts) at the same time – To receive important conference information and updates, ensure you have signed up to receive the conference newsletter.

If you are an EECERA member and you have renewed your membership for 2023, you will be able to use your membership number as a code, in order to obtain a discounted ticket once the ticket sale opens in Spring 2023. Please note however the early bird discounted ticket for members are only available until 31st May 2023.

Your membership number is a six digit number starting with 10**** or 20**** that can be found on the welcome letter you would have received from our partner, Taylor & Francis on successful purchase / renewal of your membership. If you are a renewing member, please note your membership number would have been carried over from the previous year(s).

Please note that generating a membership number and activating it as a discount code can take up to 5 working days from the day of the purchase. We therefore strongly recommend new membership applications and renewals are purchased at least two weeks prior to the early bird deadline for those attendees wishing to benefit from this offer.

If you are unable to find your membership number, please email [email protected] and copy in [email protected].


PhD student tickets are limited to 50 (i.e. first 50 successful applications for PhD ticket discount where all information has been provided) and will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis once the ticket sale opens in Spring 2023.

To be able to purchase a PhD student ticket applicants will need to upload a letter from their tutor confirming their current student status for us to review. The letter needs to be supplied on university letter headed paper and has to include the student’s name, details of their PhD, including start and planned end date, and name and signature of their tutor.

Only applications completed via the web form online will be considered. Please do not send us your applications by email.

Once the proof has been successfully verified by a member of the EECERA Conference Team, a unique discount code will be emailed to you. You will then be able to go to the ticket booking page, add conference ticket to the cart and, when prompted, type in your code which will activate the discount for you. You will then be able to proceed to payment/request an invoice.

The conference fee covers provision of refreshments during breaks (including tea, coffee, water and some snacks) and two buffet lunches.

The conference fee does not include the Gala Dinner. More information about the Social Programme, including Gala Dinner will be provided in due course. When the booking links are live, early booking is recommended.

No, the conference is being held in the suburb of Estoril at the Estoril Convention Center

Depending on when you’re travelling from, VISA documents may be required before your travel and on entering Portugal. Delegates must check their requirement by visiting the Visit Portugal website. Please do check the website periodically

For any travel / visa related queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, [email protected].

Please refer to the Visit Portugal website and that of your own country for up to date information on visiting Portugal (including COVID and visa guidelines) and documents required for travelling from and back to your country.

Should you require a letter of invitation to support any visa application we will gladly provide this to anyone who has purchased their conference ticket and / or has had their paper accepted for the conference. To obtain your letter of invitation please email the conference team with the following:

Full name
Passport number
Dates of travel to United Kingdom
Title(s) of paper(s) submitted and/or conference booking number

**Please note EECERA 2023, nor any of its partners, accepts any responsibility for any financial loss relating to inability of an individual to obtain the required travel documents.**

A list of local hotels located in the close proximity to the conference venue can be searched and pre-booked via the link: https://2023.eeceraconference.org/accommodation/ however, delegates will be required to liaise directly with their chosen accommodation provider to book it.

Please make sure that you have valid travel insurance to cover your time in the country.

The Organisers will not be held liable for illness, accidents or thefts suffered by participants or accompanying persons during the conference or their stay in the UK before or after the conference.

HOW TO ARRIVE TO ESTORIL CONGRESS CENTER THE “GREEN WAY”: The Lisbon Airport is located about 25km from Estoril.

1. THE LISBON METRO- Recently opened, the new Metro do Aeroporto station works from 6h30 am until 1h00 am. The journey between the Lisbon Airport and Cais do Sodré railway station (train to Estoril) takes 30 minutes. Ticket: 1,25€ + 0,50 for the Viva Viagem card.

2. THE BUS: CARRIS AERO-SHUTLLE No.91, from Lisbon Airport to the Cais do Sodre railway station. Buses leaves the airport every 20 mins from 07.00am -23.00pm to Cais do Sodre (last stop). Currently costs 3.5 Euros. You purchase your ticket from the driver, who also validates it for you. Takes 20-45 minutes to the city (depending if travelling during the rush hour)and makes quite frequent stops along the journey, along many of the main sights in Lisbon. The terminus is Cais do Sodre railway station, which is the train station for Estoril. Bus Nº 208: Cais Sodré – Airport– Estação Oriente (between 0:30 and 5:35) You purchase your ticket from the driver : €1,75

3. THE TRAIN TO ESTORIL: It is a pleasant 30 minute journey along the coastline, with views of the Monument to the Discoverers and the 25 de Abril Bridge as you leave Lisbon behind. Sit on the left side of the train for the best views. There are frequent trains (every 15-30 minutes) from early morning (6.30 until around 1 am). Tickets are purchased from either the ticket office, or the green machines (which accept coins, notes and credit cards). A single ticket costs 2.45 Euros. Tickets must be validated at the yellow machines or turnstyles before boarding the train. Departure boards are easy to follow, with time of departure and platform clearly displayed. You should take the train that says Cascais. Estoril is two stops before Cascais (which is the terminus). Estoril Congress Center is about 3 minutes walking from the Estoril Station. Next to the famous Casino, granted with the surrounding gardens and sea views.


4. Of course, taxis are also a fast way to reach Estoril. They are lined up outside the Airport terminals, and with luggage, it should cost you between 35 and 45 Euros. Be sure to ask for a receipt. 5. Bring your own car (and share it with other passengers) and you can opt for the A5 or Avenida Marginal.

More info: Map

Address: Avenida Amaral Centro de Congressos do Estoril, 2765 Estoril

GPS: N 38º42’25.00 W 9º23’46.00


When travelling to Portugal, make sure you know what emergency healthcare you are entitled to, what medicines you can bring into the country, what to do in an emergency, and what travel insurance you will need.


If you require medical assistance contact the local Health Centre.
Hospital emergency services should be used only in serious situations (serious injury, poisoning, burns, infarction, thromboses, breathing difficulties, etc.).

In case of illness or accident while visiting Portugal, Nationals from the 27 European Union countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland are entitled to free or reduced-cost healthcare (the same benefits as Portuguese citizens). In order to have access to health services, citizens from the above-mentioned countries, who are not resident in Portugal, must produce their European Health Insurance Cards (issued by the origin country) together with passports or identity cards.

Emergency Card
In case of emergency there is a card that will speak for you giving to the emergency response teams useful information such as identification data, contacts, health insurance, diseases, allergies and medication.
This document is intended to anyone who is in Portugal and can be obtained free of charge from the official websites of the promoting entities, where the user must fill-in the blank fields, cut to size and keep it in the wallet so that it is easily found in an emergency.

Access of foreign citizens to the Portuguese National Health Service
Tourists, non-resident students, non-resident posted workers or persons in another temporary stay situation

  • Nationals of Member States of the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland
    Citizens of Member States of the European Union who need unscheduled health care and are on holiday, studying or on temporary stays that do not imply permanent residence will have to present a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
    If you do not have the European card, you should immediately apply for a provisional EHIC replacement card from your country of residence and hand it in to the care unit before returning home.
    The Community Regulations on the Coordination of Social Security Systems (No. 883/2004 and No. 987/2009) establish a situation of equality between nationals and foreign citizens in situations of stay and residence in another Member State, in the case of social security and disease situations.
  • Nationals of Third Countries with which Portugal has Bilateral Agreements
    Citizens of countries outside the European Union with bilateral agreements with Portugal will have to present the certificate of entitlement valid at the time they access the health care units of the National Health Service. The certificate of entitlement must be requested in the country of residence.
    The presentation of the certificate of entitlement will enable the provision of all necessary health care, with the respective bill presented by Portugal to the country of residence for payment. This document will only be accepted in public units of the National Health Service (SNS).
    If you do not hold a certificate of entitlement at the time of providing health care in SNS units, you will be asked to pay the total amount of care provided.
    It is clarified that bilateral agreements do not include the figure of reimbursement, meaning that the reimbursement of this amount will depend on the legislation and procedures established in the country of residence.
    Portugal has bilateral agreements in force that cover the protection of the disease and the provision of health care with the following countries: Andorra, Brazil, Cape Verde, Quebec, Morocco and Tunisia. These agreements establish conditions of reciprocity and equal treatment between nationals and foreigners in a situation of stay and residence in Portugal, in the case of social security and disease situations.
  • Citizens of other member states who are staying in Portugal
    Foreign citizens, citizens of countries outside the European Union or with which there are no bilateral agreements, who need to resort to the National Health Service’s care network in Portugal, should take into account the following procedures:
    a) To have an identification document (valid passport or identity card in the country of origin;
    b) To have a document proving valid health insurance;
    If the foreign national does not present proof of health insurance, the foreign national must be informed that will have to pay in full for the health care provide

For more information please see Visit Portugal website


Portugal follows the same same   as the UK ( it will be British Summer Time during the conference)

The local currency is the Euro (€). All major credit cards are widely accepted.

The temperature in Lisbon in August is generally dry and sunny (average daytime temperatures 25-28 degrees celsius. There can be occasional thunderstorms particularly in September.


Dial 112 for fire, police, ambulance or coastguard services.

As a rule, the Portuguese have three meals a day. Between 7:30 and 10 a.m. they have a light breakfast consisting of a drink – white or black coffee or fruit juice – and toast or a sandwich, often in their local café or cake shop.

The main meals are lunch, between 12:00 and 2:30 p.m., which is often eaten at a restaurant near work, and dinner between 7:30 and 10:30 p.m.

Most people eat a full meal including soup, a main dish and dessert or fruit. They may also have a snack consisting of a drink and a cake between these two meals, around 5 p.m.

Eating out is common practice in Portugal. Having lunch or dinner out, especially at the weekend, is always a good excuse for meeting friends or going for a drive.

There is a great variety of restaurants and they cater to all kinds of tastes and palates.

While restaurants are usually open for lunch between midday and 3 p.m. and for dinner between 7 and 10 p.m. many of them have longer opening hours, especially in the big cities and areas with a busy nightlife.

They usually close one day a week, sometimes at the weekend in city centres, though restaurants in shopping centres are open every day

Since 1 January 2008, smoking has been prohibited in enclosed public spaces in Portugal.

This ban extends to all government buildings, work places, public transport, healthcare establishments, laboratories and pharmacies, schools and other educational establishments, indoor sports facilities, museums, shops selling food and drink, indoor car parks, concert and theatre halls, libraries, hotels, and service stations.

Restaurants, bars and discotheques with a floor area of more than 100 m2 must clearly mark out areas where smoking is allowed, which must have adequate ventilation and may not amount to more than 30% of the total area.

The owners of restaurants, bars and discotheques with a floor area of less than 100 m2 can choose whether these are to be smoking or non-smoking areas, and must clearly display this information so that it is visible outside the building. These areas must have good ventilation.

Penalties for infringements:
– From €50 to €750 euros for smokers who do not respect smoking bans.
– From €50 to €1,000 for the owners of private establishments;
– From €2,500 to €10,000, from €10,000 to €30,000 or from €30,000 to €250,000, depending on the nature of the offence, for corporations, companies or associations, governing bodies or heads of organisations, establishments or government services that are in breach of the regulations.

The electric current in Portugal is 230/400 volts at a frequency of 50 hertz and sockets comply with European standards.
You will need a 230 volt transformer and an adaptor to use American-style flat-prong plugs and UK 3-prong plugs.

If we didn’t answer your question, please do not hesitate to get in touch.